Monday, March 31, 2014

Shak Hill Endorses Dave Brat for VA 7th District Congressional Seat Against Eric Cantor


Grassroots Leaders Unite, Shak Hill Endorses Dave Brat

I would like to thank all of our friends and supporters in the 7th district, particularly in Henrico County for standing firm on principle and opposing the slating off of conservative delegates to the state and district conventions.

Despite the party bosses, Eric Cantor’s high priced consultants and the DC insider’s, you stood firm and have opposed this destructive practice that seeks to undermine the viability and the very foundations of our party.

These stunts are best left up to the politicos in DC and out of our body politic here in Virginia.

I too want to take the time to honor my fellow veteran Pete Greenwald for his service to our nation and for having stepped forward to challenge the powers of Washington DC by taking on Eric Cantor and his political machine.  Equally, I understand and respect his decision to suspend his campaign in an effort to strengthen our conservative team by endorsing Dave Brat.   May God bless him and his family.

I join Pete Greenwald in endorsing and supporting Dave Brat for Congress.

Dave is a strong leader for our cause to restore fiscal sanity and budgetary restraint in Washington. He brings to the table a depth of knowledge in finance and a passion for our founding principles.  Dave will be a leader we can count on, one who will stand up to the lobbyists and the political bosses and who will reject the RNC talking points in favor of the voice of the people.

It’s time for Conservatives in the 7th district and across our great Commonwealth to unite against the career politicians, the lobbyists, the DC power brokers and their handmaidens in favor of the people and the original “Contract with America”- our Constitution.

Let us strengthen our Conservative leadership in the House and not swap one DC insider for another in the US Senate.

I thank you all for your continued support in our fight to take back our nation.

For God and country,

Shak Hill


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