Sunday, July 14, 2013

Say no to a Chesterfield Meals Tax. Join Protest!

North Chesterfield Supports this Protest against a Chesterfield Meals Tax. Make sure you join the Chesterfield Taxpayer Alliance in this effort.

Hot off the press from the Chesterfield Taxpayer Alliance:

Dear Patriot Volunteer
 I trust that your summer is going well. (Boy does time fly when you are fighting the meals tax in Chesterfield County, VA.)
 Anything you can do right now to spread the word to your neighbors about voting NO Meals Tax in November and to join the Taxpayer Protest... well we would be pleased as punch as fellow citizens come together.
 We are approaching our 3rd Meals Tax Protest (which is scheduled for next Wednesday July 17th at 6PM at the old courthouse (10011 Iron Bridge Road); maybe Tropical Storm Chantel will join us!). The Chesterfield Taxpayer Alliance is steady growing our numbers at each protest in a very non-partisan way.  Several organizations are coalescing to stop this tax increase.  Our goal is simple.  We want to grow this protest to be about double the last protest.  (And you should see the Board of Supervisors’ reaction when they walk by...) So please join us with your pitchforks, signs, and voice.  (If six o’clock is dinner time, plan to bring the family and a bite to eat (there are picnic tables and some nice shade trees) and help us make some noise.)  We are respectful, but LOUD!
 After the protest, we go inside the Board of Supervisors’ meeting at 6:30PM to hear patriots speak on the excesses of the existing bureaucrats and demand more transparency from our elected officials. What better way to be a LOCAL PATRIOT?!!
 AND FINALLY... this Saturday July 12 at 2PM at the Village Grill (4337 Old Hundred Rd), we have a special event.  We will be conducting a restaurant door knock to spread our message far and wide to the restaurants we love to eat at.  Come join us.  We will be there for a few minutes to organize pairs to spread the word and to answer any questions.
 IF you can’t participate; but you want to contribute, just ask how and we will try to find an outlet to your passion and creativity!  The most important thing that we can all do is to spread the word and light their pants on fire!  Make them feel the heat!!


Unknown said...

I am beyond frustrated with the corruption, grotesque waste and personal wealth building going on in Washington DC. I repulses me. However, I don't see that here in Chesterfield, but perhaps you might enlighten me. I know the Board of Supervisors and many staff members in Chesterfield County. They are good, honest people who, I believe, just want to do good things for their community.

I ask you to consider, for a moment, that some taxes may benefit you and your family directly. I have spent a considerable amount of time getting to know the meals tax proposition inside and out. I must admit that I went into this ready to fight it tooth and nail. However, when I considered the factual information, I concluded that it needed further consideration. Please consider some of the facts before making up your mind. I have collected some of these in my personal blog. And, if it sounds familiar to you, it may be because I wrote the recently-published Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce's position letter on this topic.

Please consider reading more of my thoughts here:

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