Monday, April 7, 2014

Chesterfield Board Votes on Real Estate Tax Hikes this Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 at 3:00 PM – Be There to Tell Them NO!!

By Kirby Harris

nonewtaxesThe Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote on the budget Wednesday, April 9th at 3:00 PM, which will include decisions on whether to raise taxes and on how to spend that extra money.

Be there! Make your voice known that you don’t want your taxes raised!! Especially in this bad economy! Demand that the board cut the FAT!!!!

***Also, the Chesterfield Tea Party wants to make available this Downloadable

2014 Chesterfield County Budget Discussion Guide made available by our friends

at the Chesterfield Tax Payer’s Alliance.

Meeting Date: April 9th, 2014

Maeeting Time: 3:00 PM

Meeting Location: Public Meeting Room, 10001 Iron Bridge Road


Friday, April 4, 2014

Raw Milk Upsets “Big Milk”

by Tim Shoemaker on APRIL 1, 2014

rawmilkThe dairy lobby, or Big Milk, is upset over Rep. Thomas Massie’s introduction of the “Milk Freedom Act,” H.R. 4307 that would allow for the interstate sale of raw milk, and the “Interstate Milk Freedom Act,” H.R. 4308 that would allow the interstate sale of raw milk between two states where the sale of raw milk is already permitted.

Politico notes,

The swing in momentum can, in part, be attributed to a transformation of the argument that advocates are using. The debate used to be centered on the health and nutritional benefits of raw milk versus the safety of pasteurized milk, but the likes of Ron Paul — who mentioned the issue in several speeches during his 2012 presidential run and introduced similar bills when he was in Congress — have turned it into one about freedom of choice.

When Dr. Paul would travel the country speaking at college campuses about personal freedom, he would often frame it in an argument about food freedom, and freedom of choice — raw milk provided the perfect example of Nanny State regulators who outlaw choice in the name of “keeping us safe.”

Politico continued,

Despite the growing grassroots movement in favor of loosening raw milk regulation and bipartisan support, getting a bill through Congress will continue to be an uphill battle, especially with strong opposition from the dairy industry. The National Milk Producers Federation and International Dairy Foods Association — usually on opposite sides of dairy policy — have repeatedly compared consuming raw milk to “playing Russian roulette.”

Chris Galen, spokesman for NMPF, said his group will be educating members of Congress on the risks associated with raw milk to deter Massie’s bills from gaining traction.

Freedom comes with a certain amount of risk. If you wanted to live a risk free life, then a benevolent dictatorship might be your preferred form of government. But, as Thomas Jefferson wrote,  ”I would rather be exposed to the inconveniencies [sic] attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.”

On his Facebook page, Rep. Massie at least had a sense of humor about the opposition to his bills from Big Milk, posting “The lactose lobby can be so intolerant! It’s time to legalize freedom.”

We’re glad to see Rep. Massie is in line with a great American political tradition that places personal freedom over the desire for the Nanny State to keep us safe from ourselves. This sort of strong opposition, this early, from Big Milk is actually a good sign that they’re worried about the number of original cosponsors this legislation has and the potential for momentum to swing in our direction.

Please contact your representative and tell them to legalize freedom by urging them to cosponsor H.R. 4307 & H.R. 4308!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Suspect arrested for threatening to blow up Chesterfield Walmart

Posted by Nick Dutton  -  April 3, 2014

faulcon-adarius-jCHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) — Police have arrested and charged a 22-year-old man in connection with two recent bomb threats at a Walmart in Chesterfield.

Police arrested Adarius J. Faulcon, of the 6900 block of Bolelyn Drive in Henrico, Tuesday. He was charged with two counts of threats to bomb or damage a building.

The Walmart at 12000 Iron Bridge Plaza was evacuated Thursday, March 27, around 10 p.m.after someone threatened to throw a bomb in the store, according to Chesterfield Police. The store was evacuated and searched turned up nothing suspicious.


White House looks to regulate cow flatulence as part of climate agenda

By Michael Bastasch

As part of its plan to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, the Obama administration is targeting the dairy industry to reduce methane emissions in their operations.

cowThis comes despite falling methane emission levels across the economy since 1990.

The White House has proposed cutting methane emissions from the dairy industry by 25 percent by 2020. Although U.S. agriculture only accounts for about 9 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, it makes up a sizeable portion of methane emissions — which is a very potent greenhouse gas.

Some of these methane emissions come from cow flatulence, exhaling and belching — other livestock animals release methane as well.

“Cows emit a massive amount of methane through belching, with a lesser amount through flatulence,” according to How Stuff Works. “Statistics vary regarding how much methane the average dairy cow expels.

Some experts say 100 liters to 200 liters a day… while others say it’s up to 500 liters… a day. In any case, that’s a lot of methane, an amount comparable to the pollution produced by a car in a day.”

“Of all domestic animal types, beef and dairy cattle were by far the largest emitters of [methane],” according to an EPA analysis charting greenhouse gas emissions in 2012. Cows and other animals produce methane through digestion, which ferments the food of animals.

“During digestion, microbes resident in an animal’s digestive system ferment food consumed by the animal,” the EPA notes. “This microbial fermentation process, referred to as enteric fermentation, produces [methane] as a byproduct, which can be exhaled or eructated by the animal.”

It’s not just the dairy industry that the Obama administration is clamping down on. The White House is looking to regulate methane emissions across the economy from agriculture to oil and gas operations — all this despite methane emissions falling 11 percent since 1990.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eric Cantor is Technically Ineligible to Participate in the 7th Congressional District Convention

By Tom White  -   Posted on 02 April 2014 

cantorarghI am hearing from some friends via email and Facebook that there is a move afoot to disallow any voters that have supported a non-Republican candidate running against a Republican Candidate in the last 4 years. Once again, the slaters are looking to cheat the system.

According to the Republican Party Plan :

Article 1 Section A(2)

2. A voter who, subsequent to making a statement of intent, publicly supports a candidate in opposition to a Republican nominee shall not be qualified for participation in party actions as defined in Article I for a period of four (4)

And that section would seem to indicate that anyone who supported any candidate against a Republican is not eligible to participate in any way in Republican Party actions, which would include Conventions.

And if the reports I am hearing are true, the rule must be applied evenly to all – regardless of who they happen to be.

A Washington Post article from October 14, 2011 (within the 4 year period in question) documents the following:

U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R) has been removed from his local Republican committee in Virginia.

So have state officials Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and House Speaker Bill Howell from theirs.

Every Republican who endorsed Del. Bill Janis, the Republican turned independent who is running for the post of commonwealth’s attorney in Henrico County next month, is out.

The Republican Party of Virginia’s party plan says any Republican who supports a non-Republican in a contested race will be automatically removed from the rolls of his or her local committee, according to the state party’s executive director, Dave Rexrode.

And whom did Linwood Cobb support in that race? The Republican? Hmmm.

And just to jog the memories of those who so easily forget, Janus lost, the Republican lost and a Democrat now sits as Commonwealth Attorney in Henrico. And all those Republican Assistant Commonwealth Attorney’s were fired in favor of Democrats.

Cantor and his Slaters really hurt us with that one.

Now I read the entire Republican Party Plan – several times. And nowhere in the document does it exempt Eric Cantor.

So if the Slaters want to cheat the system again, they might want to be careful here. They need to play by their own rules. If the people I have heard from can’t participate, there is a good case to legally remove Eric Cantor from the Convention Process as well.

You Slaters need to stop working so hard to disenfranchise voters.

This War on Conservatives HAS to STOP!



Common Core emerges as potent election issue for fed-up parents

By Ben Evansky - Published March 29, 2014 -

Parents across the country may hold the key to this year's mid-term elections as they vent their anger over the implementation of a controversial education achievement measure called the Common Core State Standards Initiative.


Forty-five states and the District of Columbia have adopted the initiative in a bid, they say, to improve education standards in Math and English, and give new life to what many view as a sagging education system. Indiana recently voted to back out of Common Core.

But many parents see the initiative as a bid by the federal government to take over the education system. They are also angry over the "data mining" of students' personal information, and say the stepped-up standards are not age-appropriate and are leading to anxiety and depression in their children.

Analysts warn the parental opposition could spill over into the November elections.

"Those populist candidates are running against the Common Core, and they are going to say Washington is interfering with children's schooling ..."

- Tom Loveless, Brookings Institute

"You really have a populist reaction, and that's true on the left and the right," says Tom Loveless, a senior fellow with the Brown Center on Education Policy at Brookings Institute in Washington, D.C.

He predicts candidates opposing politicians from the establishment - or "at least trying to paint them as establishment candidates" - will take up the parental concerns.

"Those populist candidates are running against the Common Core, and they are going to say Washington is interfering with children's schooling and that teachers, parents and principals at the local level are better equipped to decide on what kids learn," he said.

Concurring is education expert Joy Pullmann.

"Common Core opposition is so completely grassroots, and support is so astroturf, " says the education research fellow for The Heartland Institute, a think tank headquartered in Chicago that promotes individual liberty and free enterprise.

"It is already becoming a primary and general election issue in everything from local school board races to gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races," she added.

According to Pullmann, the issue is "huge among mothers."


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Poll: Large Numbers of Virginians Back Medical Marijuana and Gay Marriage

Admin Commentary: We Report, you decide. Is Virginia Changing? Is Virginia Becoming More Libertarian? More Liberal? Are you part of the Majority who support these policies?

Here is an article from the Richmond Times Dispatch that talks about the Poll:

Poll: 84% of Virginians back medical marijuana

By MARKUS SCHMIDT  -  Tue Apr 1, 2014  -  Richmond Times-Dispatch

weedA new poll finds that Virginia voters support legalizing medical marijuana by an overwhelming 84 percent to 13 percent, but support for recreational marijuana is divided with 46 percent in favor and 48 percent opposed.

Thirty-nine percent of Virginia voters say they have tried marijuana, according to the survey released Monday from Quinnipiac University.

Dick Kennedy, with Virginia NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, said Monday that the poll numbers show that Virginia “is moving toward more sensible drug policies, along with the rest of the country, and the overwhelming support for medical marijuana is something the legislature can’t ignore in 2015.”

The almost-even split on full legalization shows “a significant change” in the past year, Kennedy said, citing a January 2013 poll by Christopher Newport University’s Wason Center for Public Policy showing Virginians opposing it 53 percent to 40 percent.

In that survey of 1,015 registered Virginia voters, 72 percent said they support legalization for medical use. But 53 percent opposed legalization for recreational use, while 40 percent were in support.

Of all candidates running for statewide offices last year, only Robert C. Sarvis, the Libertarian candidate for governor, supported legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes.

“Support is growing quickly among all segments for a controlled, taxed cannabis market,” said Ed McCann, executive director of Virginia NORML. “Legislators would also be well-served to implement medical cannabis access, since the overwhelming majority of Virginians support such. Support from those under 30 for more progressive policies is widespread and will only increase as more states legalize cannabis.”

Republicans support medical marijuana 75 percent to 21 percent, and Democrats support it 92 to 6 percent, according to the Quinnipiac poll.

Democrats back legalizing marijuana for personal use by 58 to 35 percent, Republicans are opposed 68 to 27 percent and independent voters are split 47 to 47 percent.

“More than four in five Virginians favor allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes, although on this question and others involving the drug, support for its use is a bit lower than in some other states where we conduct surveys,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“When it comes to legalizing marijuana for recreational use, Virginians are divided,” Brown said.

The survey also shows that support for same-sex marriage among Virginia voters remains unchanged since last summer, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down parts of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Fifty percent of voters support allowing gay marriage, with 42 percent opposed, according to the poll.

Women are stronger supporters of same-sex marriage than men with 54 percent in favor and 38 percent opposed, the poll finds. Men are divided with 46 percent supporting and 48 percent opposed.


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