Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No Government Shutdown in Virginia – Pass a Clean Budget with No Politics

Press Release from Americans for Prosperity – Virginia Chapter:

Today in Richmond, 67 House Delegates continued putting people like you ahead of politics. Now, they need your help.

3.4.14 Capitol Visit While Governor McAuliffe, 23 state Senators and President Obama's allies in Virginia remain willing to shut down our government over ObamaCare, the House is having none of it.

In order to keep fighting for you, the House called on the Governor and the Senate this morning to pass a clean budget that funds priorities like public safety and K-12 education, absent more ObamaCare.

Call your delegate and your senator and tell them to pass a clean budget.

If Medicaid expansion (i.e. ObamaCare) is such a great idea, doesn't it deserve an up or down vote based on its merits, not politics?

Not surprisingly, the president's allies are showing no signs of budging.

Immediately after House Leadership offered to debate the merits of more ObamaCare during a Special Session in exchange for a clean spending bill, the House Minority Leader brushed it off as a "delay tactic."

A large majority of the House of Delegates keeps fighting for the future of Virginia, and we have to, too. your delegate and your senator today and tell them to keep doing the right thing for the future of health care in Virginia by passing a clean budget without more ObamaCare!


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